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He then spent over million renovating the home's gym, racquetball courts, and equipping the onsite 'disco room' with stripper poles.After years of not being allowed into the Hot 97 studios (which stem from a shooting outside of the station in New York City back during the G-Unit vs.50 does have an interesting take on Trump's presidency, though (around ): "his presidency is an accident." He takes it further, revealing his theory that Trump was "doing that to build his profile for a bigger deal on television," which is something a number of people theorized during the debate season.50 also speaks on One of the sit-down's most revealing moments came when Ebro asked if 50 had spoken to Floyd Mayweather since Mayweather's defeat of Conor Mc Gregor.

The victim was Lastonia Leviston, the ex-girlfriend of his bitter rap rival Rick Ross.50 purchased the tape from another of he ex-lovers then posted it on his website, narrating it and body shaming Leviston throughout.

He also lost a legal battle with his ex-business partners over a failed headphone deal and was slapped with a $17 million judgement in that case.

According to his Chapter 11 petition, Fifty claimed he had assets between $10 to $50 million but that his liabilities were in the same range.

However, when appraisers checked into it, they found his assets total over $64 million, while liabilities were around half of that.

A judge also asked him to explain the multiple social media pics he posted showing of stacks and stacks of cash.

this week and shared some thoughts about the importance of the artist's mystique in the post-streaming landscape.

In 2016, the property was reportedly sold to a developer who planned on turning the 52-room mansion into an assisted living home.

Reports suggests sale fell through, as the previously-bankrupted rapper is still responsible for the luxury New England property.50 Cent first tried to offload the multi-million dollar home after filing for bankruptcy in 2015.

50 says they Facetime'd a few days ago, and says that Floyd wasn't really feeling Conor. "All that, he's getting away with touching his head?

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