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It takes just ten seconds to open or close the soft top – even when driving at up to 50 km/h. And then up to a maximum speed of 250 km/h – or even, optionally, 280 km/h.The striking Audi Singleframe grille gives the front a distinctive look, with the characteristic RS honeycomb lattice and quattro lettering in a contrasting color. There’s no great mid-range thrust, but the response perfectly complements the taut and agile chassis that’s benefited greatly from the extra strengthening.

Look at the alternatives before you decide; Porsche’s Boxster S is slower but dynamically superior, so is definitely worth considering.

Discover a powerful, athletic design with driving performance to match.

It might be that the five cylinder, single turbo TT RS, with only 394bhp and 354lb ft, gives away a chunk of power to the twin turbo V6 GT-R (562bhp and 470lb ft), but it also weighs a lot less (1,440kg plays 1,752kg).

This levels the playing field substantially, so the Audi trots out with a power to weight ratio of 274bhp/tonne, the Nissan, 321bhp/tonne.

There isn’t much relevance to this, but it does provide a measure for just how hard a car goes off the line.

The Japanese super-coupe managed to pull 0.937g, the German junior super-coupe hit 1.103g.

What this means for the drag race (a distance challenge, rather than a time challenge, don’t forget) is that the GT-R struggles to create much physical distance between itself and the Audi.

The TT RS is a ferociously fast car and surprised us all with how it maintained its acceleration at higher speeds.

Yet the 0.2sec-slower benchmark sprint and marginally worse mpg are negligible prices to pay.

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