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Firstly the complete Yoga DVD “Yoga & The Art Of Aging ” (This Yoga DVD is Free online (Press play below for the full 61 minutes) and our now Famous Beginners Yoga Class with over one millon views and downloads to its credit.

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Today we are pleased to present, 2 free DVDs to you.

Then you can view in a excellent quality once downloaded.

Good Quality with music 16.98 mb Professional Video with music 48.62 mb This is Really FANTASTIC World Spirit Trailer ( both are slightly different ) World Spirit Windows Media 15 mb World Spirit Quick Time 18 mb ” World Spirit is a pray for the realization of our integration with the web of creation .

The mother said she called the school, but her call was never returned.

'From what I am being told several parents called and did not receive a response,' the dad said.

Our Beginners yoga video is free of charge via this website so click the links at the top of the page to get a copy, check back soon for other videos.

Or fill in the simple form above and we will send you notification via e-mail of the release.

The video has precise audio and visual instruction, and is an excellent introduction to yoga for the beginner and a nice routine for anyone to follow along to.

The video consists of 20 yoga postures that will give you a complete work out for the mind and body.

You will be the first to be able to obtain these timeless productions.

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