Online dating psychology research proposal example

All the sources are ordered in three subcategories in the literature review.

The three subtopics are: evolution of online dating, reasons and motivations, admitting use of online dating.

So their research shows the role biological and personality traits play in the use of online dating websites.

She talkes a lot about the connection between age and online dating.

Other research also suggest that there is a link between age and the upcoming world of online data.(Stephure; Boon; Mac Kinnon; Deveau, 2009) the study mentions that online dating is used more and more by the older generation. “We spend endless hours making profiles, setting filters, sending messages, and scrolling through photos. We send text messages instead of making a phone call. This is quite different than how our grandparents, or even our parents, dated.

In their study they are looking for a connection between the reasons for online dating, gender and sexual preferences.

Few findings of the study Because gender and sexual preferences certainly matter, multiple apps/sites are focussing on a specific audience.

It is less likely to result in divorce and produces stable long-term partnerships.

There are many speculations of the reason to this success.The writer also uses earlier research and articles from other people who investigated subject.Helen Fisher, anthropologist and leading expert in love and attraction states multiple findings about the evolution of online dating.Based on a web audit of more than 60 online dating sites and in-depth interviews with 23 users of online dating services, we argue that recent global trends are influencing the uptake of online technologies for the purposes of forming intimate relations.Evolution of online dating This main topic of this source is the connection between the upcoming online world and online dating, multiple professionals on this topic are stating their findings and ideas.This is a restrictive number of people they can choose from because average social circles are not that big.

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