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From Hendrix and Miles Davis, to Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, there’s no escaping the Funk. we archive all live courses for you to review and take at anytime.In this 10 week course, Dave Brown will condense the styles of Funk’s greatest guitar players into custom grooves as he fills in the background story of how they came on to the scene. Each course comes with full tabs, backing tracks (where necessary), and even a pre-recorded guided practice routine.

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Tyler Grant brings you 7 weeks of expert Bluegrass instruction. Wish you had instant access to a pro teacher at just about anytime?

Tyler will begin with basic Bluegrass rhythm and quickly move to learning your first Bluegrass songs... Our Live Q&A solves this problem with daily, live instruction from our teachers.

Learn more about our past courses below, and get instant access to all courses with a full Jam Play Membership.

Each week we will take a look at a highly-desired skill and work towards getting just a little bit better at it. We will look at the style of a 10 artists and how they used the scale.

Unlike the Weekly Workshops, this is a more general use live platform for general discussions, help with any student issues, or just generally debauchery to kill some time at work (but don't tell your boss!

It's been a long time coming, but Google's distributed video advice service is finally live.Hey everyone, Once you click the Chat Now link, register with your nickname for the chatroom, your email, password, etc. I will log into the chatroom as often as I can to talk with everyone. Hope you all enjoy this feature and remember to keep it postive. Thumb IQ is a 3 day, intensive workshop all about getting the most out of your thumb and taking your fingerpicking to the next level.Don will teach portions of 3 of his songs and unlock your latent potential.At least one Android Police writer has jumped through the hoops and found it surprisingly easy to get verified.

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