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You have the option of downloading easy to understand instructional packets complete with court forms, as well as the option of downloading fillable or blank Judicial Council forms.All forms are to be completed by the party filing the legal case.If one party files documentation requesting a legal separation and the other party file documentation requesting dissolution, the judge will grant the dissolution.

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Certain conditions must be met before the Court will find the marriage void (Family Code Sections 2200-2201) or voidable (Family Code Sections 2210) and grant a nullity of marriage.

Further, the conditions for nullity of marriage must have existed at the time of the marriage.

The Family Law Department will serve the Community with fairness and efficiency, encourage cooperation with all public and private individuals and organizations, promote confidence and trust in the judicial system, and perform its duties with the highest ethical standards.

F Sisk Courthouse, 1130 O Street, Fresno, CA 93721-2220.

The Family Law Department assists people with the following legal issues: The Family Law Clerk's Office will provide you with the necessary forms if you are representing yourself in a family law matter.

SELF-HELP informational packets are available for a nominal charge through the Family Law Clerk's Office or they may be acquired from this website by clicking on Forms.

Once these time limits have passed, you will need to end the marriage and resolve issues by requesting either a dissolution or legal separation.

Even though the marriage is considered invalid, depending on the facts of the case, you may still be treated like a spouse for the purposes of property and debt division, custody and support as if the marriage had been valid.

A marriage may be dissolved on the grounds of incurable insanity " . To file for dissolution, either you or your spouse must meet California's residency requirements.

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