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With its roots dating back to the daring, liberated 1980’s, Carolina Herrera has been big news with the fashion elite for decades.

The Venezuelan-born American designer is known for her classic, clean and sophisticated clothing, and her perfume collection is just as timelessly chic.

A more recent starting point is sometimes used, for instance by dropping the leading digits, in order to fit into limited computer memory with an adequate amount of precision.

In the following table, times are given in 24-hour notation.

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For dates in the Julian calendar, see Julian calendar. For the comic book character Julian Gregory Day, see Calendar Man.

To illustrate the ambiguity that could arise, consider the two separate astronomical measurements of an astronomical object from the earth: Assume that three objects—the Earth, the Sun, and the astronomical object targeted, that is whose distance is to be measured—happen to be in a straight line for both measures.

However, for the first measurement, the Earth is between the Sun and the targeted object, and for the second, the Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun from that object.

Then, the two measurements would differ by about 1000 light-seconds: For the first measurement, the Earth is roughly 500 light seconds closer to the target than the Sun, and roughly 500 light seconds further from the target astronomical object than the Sun for the second measure.

An error of about 1000 light-seconds is over 1% of a light-day, which can be a significant error when measuring temporal phenomena for short period astronomical objects over long time intervals.

The fraction of the day is found by converting the number of hours, minutes, and seconds after noon into the equivalent decimal fraction.

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