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The style number is different than lot because it’s referring to that piece’s exact design, i.e. It was a way for the brand to document the various styles of fashions it was producing.

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I’d love to get feedback on articles of this type so that I can continue to use this site as a platform to educate, enlighten AND entertain you! VINTAGE INSIGHT: A union label is proof that the piece was produced and supported by a clothing union, which existed in the U. before the overseas boom of clothing production beginning in the 1980s.

Learn more about ILGWU union labels and how to use them to date your vintage clothing!

Valorie Huston, an Ebay seller and follower of Sammy Davis Vintage, recently asked the following question on the fan page.

I have been selling on e Bay and I’m just beginning to venture into vintage clothing.

Vintage identification is like anything in life: practice makes perfect.

Vintage is technically a piece that is 20 years or older, however, many industry professionals refer to vintage as being “two decades or older,” — i.e., technically a piece from 1991 is vintage, but since we can’t always identify production year it is a safer bet to stick to the late ’80s or older as vintage.

88), however, unlike Sloane, Jack has a Grand Slam title to his name – the 2011 mixed doubles US Open with Melanie Oudin.

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So your vintage dress would be lot 10, which was the tenth group of that exact same dress produced in a certain factory.

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