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I could not get rid of the entry in DNS even after deleting every instance of it from the copper.local domain, setting the interface to not register itself in DNS, making sure it wasn't set to respond to DNS requests, flushing the DNS cacehe and it would always come back.

Traffic was originating from the wrong IP address ( instead of

Parkserv creates the forward lookup zone for the other domain (blackberry.local) but when I select it I get an error about Zone Not Loaded by DNS Server - Transfer of zone data from master server has failed.

dns forward lookup zone not updating-55

Another unbelievably (to put it mildly) basic test that I overlooked - bi-directional ping.

Their Cisco guy was recently doing some work with a new UC560 phone system and also working to use AD authentication for their RA VPN - the RADIUS server it referenced was setup on PARKSERV (problematic DC).

I'm going to throw Wireshark on the server(s) tomorrow when I get the chance for some more visibility.

I'll also turn on DNS debug logging to collect as much information as possible. re: e DNS, I meant did you try disabling it on the Windows 2008R2 box?

I have disabled the firewall on both servers, double-checked my DNS settings on the interfaces, etc.

Also, the two servers are separated by a site-to-site VPN but all traffic on the VPN is permitted both ways. The both servers are explicitly configured to automatically notify the other server of zone updates.

If e DNS is on, the ASA with default inspection maps will block it due to oversize packets. The zone transfer actually works fine on the other DC (SHAREPOINT) in the copper.local domain - not sure why I didn't try this as Step 2 (although EDNS could have possibly affected it). Just for kicks and possible future reference I'll throw a couple other steps in there.

Watch the syslog while attempting a zone transfer and see if anything gets logged (assuming your ASA reports level 4, I think that's what level the block is). -Disabled EDNS on both servers (2008 with dnscmd and 2003 with a registry entry - although a change on one side would suffice -Verified relevelant traffic was passing through the ASA.

I'm having an issue trying to create a secondary forward lookup zone in Active Directory on one of my DCs.

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