Dating llama handguns

Four months later orders would be increased to 30,000 a month.This was far more than Gabilando could produce so he contracted with others to produce for him.Llama was born in Spain over 100 years ago but now resides in the Philippines.

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I think this was a product of 1927 as it has an A which is rather fancy with a crown above it by the pv proof.

On the right side is the serial number and there is an oval with AG in it on the trigger guard.

It was a well made gun with fair tolerances, so parts were interchangeable within its own brand.

It was the first to have a 9 round magazine because Gabilondo had built it to be used by the Military or Police.

The patent of the "Radium" was in the name of Don Guillermo Echeverria and of Don Valentin Vallejo.

The patent was a weird form of loading the gun by sliding the right grip and inserting the rounds into the butt directly.The one I have seen had Spanish proofs and that is not consistent with there not being a proof house in Ebiar at that time.It also had the encircled EU with a crown which I have never seen before. They started making a gun in 1914 based on the Browning 1903 and the modifications of the design by earlier guns like the Astra Victoria 1911 and called it the Ruby.This research project has been both a rewarding and frustrating experience.A large number of the guns were in my collection to assist in this endeavor and I think I now have it all as it should be.At the beginning of WWI Gabilondo presented the gun to France for trials and it was accepted in 1915 with orders for 10,000 a month.

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