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An estimated 100,000 individuals were cheering on the runners from the side of the streets – an impressive number since the Copenhagen population is 1,5 million.

On top of that comes the entire crowd that followed the race online on the website, on national internet television and in the CPH Half App, last of which became in fact the most downloaded free app during the race weekend.

You may drive on your foreign driving licence in Denmark for one year from the date when you established usual residence in this country. that driver training there is comparable with Danish driver training.

Furthermore, the driving licence must have been issued in Latin letters or be accompanied by an official translation into Danish, English or French.

Moreover, you must meet the age-related conditions that apply to the issue of a corresponding Danish driving licence.

Usual residence means that you have personal or occupational ties to Denmark i.e.

that you spend a minimum of 185 days in Denmark within one calendar year.

Only very few in the business have been able to succesfully integrate their digital platforms like this,” says Morten Toft from Ultimate Sport Service.“Considering the current development in the field, the digital platforms and technical possibilities are becoming increasingly important in order for us to distinguish ourselves from other events, but also to interact with both participants and spectators.

Digitisation brings equally large changes and challenges to the event business as to any other businesses, and it has become very clear to us that our customers are increasingly present on mobile devices compared to web,” tells Dorte Vibjerg, director of Sparta Athletics & Running, who organises the CPH Half in partnership with the Danish Athletic Federation.

How long you may drive in Denmark on your foreign driving licence and whether you must pass a driving test to check your skills in connection with the exchange of the driving licence will depend on the country or federal state, etc. A distinction is made between various groups of countries, etc.

The price of having your foreign driving licence exchanged for a Danish driving licence is DKK 280 (2017).

You are not required to regularly return to the country to which you have personal ties if you reside in Denmark exclusively for the purpose of practicing a profession for a limited period of time.

In this case, you will be regarded as having usual residence in the country to which you have personal ties.

Furthermore, there are various rules for how long you can wait before exchanging your foreign driving licence for a Danish driving licence.

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