Computer died while updating

But Vincent is the first system with the ability to interpret what a human is drawing, and then complete the piece for them.

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Vincent has been designed by scientists at Cambridge Consultants, and builds on human input to create its masterpieces.

Machine learning has previously been used in the arts to create images and songs based on sounds or pictures it has seen before.

It was a portable microcomputer designed and marketed by the studies and developments department of R2E Micral at the request of company CCMC specializing in payroll and accounting.

It was based on an Intel 8085 processor, 8-bit, clocked at 2 MHZ.

As the personal computer (PC) became feasible in 1971, the idea of a portable personal computer soon followed.

A "personal, portable information manipulator" was imagined by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC in 1968, The portable micro computer Portal of the French company R2E Micral CCMC officially appeared in September 1980 at the Sicob show in Paris.Most modern laptops feature integrated webcams and built-in microphones, while many also have touchscreens.Laptops can be powered either from an internal battery or by an external power supply from an AC adapter.For example, it could be used in autonomous vehicles if it was trained using driving scenarios and simulations, according to the researchers.Mr Barlow added: 'We're exploring completely uncharted territory – much of what makes Vincent tick was not known to the machine learning community just a year ago.'We're excited to be at the leading edge of an emerging, transformative industry and to be making the leap from the art of the possible to delivering practical machine learning solutions for our clients.' Beyond art, the researchers believe that there is a range of potential applications for Vincent-like technology.Scroll down for video If you enjoy art but most of your drawings resemble a child's doodles, then you'll be happy to hear that help is at hand – in the form of an artificial intelligence computer.

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