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- released February 21, 2002 - von Danzig's fechtbüch contains comments on the cryptic verses of Liechtenauer and other German masters covering the use of the sword-and-buckler, dagger, longsword and grappling.The manual contains 114 leaves of text in which all but 2 leaves contain illustrations.- released October 20, 1999, updated December 12, 2008- "Gladiatoria" is an obscure fechtbüch recently "uncovered" and resurrected by Grzegorz Zabinski (in association with the Brotherhood of the Eagle's Nest, Poland - no longer active) from the archives of the Biblioteka Jagiellonski, Poland, originally part of the collection of "Die Preussische Koenigliche Staatsbibliothek" in Berlin, is thought to have been written sometime c1450.

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- released October 10, 2001, updated October 26, 2009- According to Dr.

Hans Peter-Hils, this fechtbüch appears to have originated in southwestern Germany, the clothing, arms and weapons point to the middle of the 15th century.

- released November 29, 2001- a pictoral presentation of fencing training of Junker (squire) Lutold III (aka Liutold or Leutold) von Königsegg (ca.

1446-1473) who is believed to have commissioned the manuscript.

The manuscripts configuration, scope and contents evoke associations to the "Gladiatoria" - group (this is a catch all group whose major cause for association is that it does not directly fall into the Liechtenauers school, although they do exhibit many of the characteristics, but not all.

The manuscript contains only illustrations in 46 pages, and cover fighting arts disciplines that include armoured fighting with spears, armoured longsword on foot, armoured longsword and dagger, pollaxe, wrestling and swordfighting on horseback."Axe-play" A French (Bourguignon) combat manuscript (in French) describes the techniques, form and function of combat with the battle-axe. Anglo's interpretation of this treatise in the 20c section of this library.- released August 10, 2001- Fiore dei Liberi's 'Flos Duellatorum, or 'Flower of Battle' is an Italian treatise, which was started on Februrary 10, 1409 and completed in six months in late 1409 (1410 using the modern calendar).It includes 114 pen drawings in water colour depicting single combat using various weapons or unarmed, with sequences on horseback, armour, grappling.Manuscript was first discovered in the county of southeastern Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany). The manuscript written in German (schwaebisch) , Middle High German.The prologue also explains the structure and conventions found in the treatise.

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