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Potter’s edited comments are below: Effect of her upbringing My family is all from California, and I grew up in Oakland.

Thousands of adults and students every year learn about Minnesota’s diverse ecosystems, the role each plays in the larger natural world, and about current and completed research that offers insight into how ecosystems are changing as a result of human pressures.

Cedar Creek, now in its 75th year, is an ecological research site of almost 5,600 acres with habitats representing all of Minnesota.

I want to get them outdoors and doing science, so they realize science doesn’t have to mean sitting in a classroom or laboratory.

It can be going out and bird-watching, going for a hike, going boating or catching fish.

The only thing I could think about was something outdoorsy with animals, so I went to the Oakland Zoo.

That really started what eventually became my career.It lays claim to being the home of ecosystem ecology science, and researchers there have studied topics ranging from prescribed burning for savannas to how carbon dioxide levels affect plant communities.Next year, Cedar Creek will use a grant from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund to bring up to 40 bison to the reserve and study whether a combination of prescribed burning and bison may help to restore oak savannas, which are one of the state’s most threatened landscapes.I’m amazed by all the ways Minnesotans use and appreciate nature.” A nature and outdoor lover herself, Potter fits right in.And in her position as education and outreach coordinator for the University of Minnesota’s Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve in East Bethel, Potter has a unique opportunity to teach others.Our trails let you walk through all of Minnesota’s biomes.

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