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In the final data, the date of the minimum may also change for some years.

For more information on calculating daily sea ice extent values, see the Sea Ice Index documentation.

Why are the daily minimum values that you are currently quoting for past years slightly different than what you originally stated? The new calculations show, for example, that the record minimum occurred on September 18, 2007, which was two days later than we originally reported (September 16).

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Is wintertime Antarctic sea ice increasing or decreasing?

Our originally published value was 4.13 million square kilometers.

A more precise explanation of extent versus area gets more complicated.

Extent defines a region as “ice-covered” or “not ice-covered.” For each satellite data cell, the cell is said to either have ice or to have no ice, based on a threshold.

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These top ten ice breaker activities are not just popular in meetings, training classes, and team building events, they are the most popular with the Human Resources section's readers.A simplified way to think of extent versus area is to imagine a slice of swiss cheese.Extent would be a measure of the edges of the slice of cheese and all of the space inside it.Area would be the measure of where there is cheese only, not including the holes.That is why if you compare extent and area in the same time period, extent is always bigger.We are aware that it may sometimes look odd when the monthly average and the minimum or maximum extent or daily values do not seem to correspond.

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