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Ultimately, 21 other defendants were put on trial (17 captured in a nationwide manhunt and 4 tried in absentia).After a six-week trial, six were sentenced to death (three of those were in absentia), seven to life imprisonment, seven to terms between five and fifteen years.

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American dating site in kuwait

Hostage Terry Anderson was told that he and the other hostages kidnapped in Beirut had been abducted "to gain the freedom of their seventeen comrades in Kuwait." The Kuwait 17 then played a role in the Iran-Contra scandal: the principals of Iran-Contra offered to sway Kuwait to release the Kuwait 17 as one of several incentives to free American hostages in Lebanon.

However, when US President Ronald Reagan learned of this offer, he allegedly responded "like he had been kicked in the belly." On 3 December 1984, a Kuwait Airways flight from Kuwait City to Karachi Pakistan was hijacked by four Lebanese Shi'a hijackers and diverted to Tehran.

An American diplomat told journalist Robin Wright: "If everything had gone off, this place would have been a parking lot".

Five other explosions were attempted within an hour.

The shock blew out windows and doors in distant homes and shops.

Only five people were killed (two Palestinians, two Kuwaitis, and one Syrian) in large part because the driver did not hit the more heavily populated chancellery building and more importantly, only a quarter of the explosives ignited.Anglican hostage negotiator Terry Waite appealed to the Emir of Kuwait and tried to get a visa to come to Kuwait.His failure to make progress in freeing the convicted terrorists is thought to be the reason that he himself was kidnapped and spent five years as a hostage. Chief Kuwaiti government spokesman Abdel Aziz Hussein called the bombings "the first concentrated Iranian operation to export the revolution and destabilize the Persian Gulf after Iran failed to infiltrate the Iraqi [war] front." Over the next several years, Hezbollah perpetrated a string of kidnappings and bombings with the goal of forcing the Kuwaiti government to free the al-Dawa prisoners.On March 27, 1984, following the conviction of the al-Da'wa defendants, the hostagetakers threatened to kill their hostages if the Kuwaiti government carried through with the planned execution of the al-Dawa prisoners.A month later American Benjamin Weir was kidnapped by actors demanding the same.The 1983 Kuwait bombings were attacks on six key foreign and Kuwaiti installations on 12 December 1983, two months after the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing.

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