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A magnyos zsaru egyedl szll szembe ellensgeivel, hogy megvdje a demokrcit, s vgleg leszmoljon a mlt nyomaszt emlkeivel...

Martial arts hero Steven Seagal developed, co-wrote, co-produced, choreographed, and debuted in this thrill ride a cop film with more attitude, and more plot, than its star had duties on the set.

Norman promised Lindy he would return, and his efforts to get back through the hospital doors by any means available (including making himself sick, getting hit by a car, and appearing on a charity television broadcast he knows the girl is watching) meet with an equal lack of success.

In this go around, Josiane Balasko and Nathalie Baye play the incorrigible Eddie and Patsy, who leave no impulse unenacted and no lust unsated be it for sex or the latest in designer clothing.

Waking up from a night of drunken debauchery, the two dip right into a feast of champagne and caviar, much to the irritation of Eddie's elegant mother and her resentful daughter.

Blyth - Screenwriter Jack Davies - Screenwriter Eddie Leslie - Screenwriter Norman Wisdom - Screenwriter Jack Asher - Cinematographer Philip Green - Composer (Music Score) Gerry Hambling - Editor Bert Davey - Art Director Earl St.

John - Executive Producer Arthur Taksen - Set Designer Joan Ellacott - Costume Designer George Blackler - Makeup James Bawden - Camera Operator Cast: Norman Wisdom - Norman Pitkin Edward Chapman - Mr.

Nico remembers the man from his CIA days in Vietnam, when Zagon used the agency (and the war) as a front for smuggling opium. Zagon may be above the law of most men, but he is certainly not above Nico's.

At the time, Nico was too outranked to thwart him, but he will no longer let Zagon abuse his position to remain immune from prosecution especially now that the official has plans to murder a U.   Robert Solo - Producer / Executive Producer Andrew Davis - Screen Story / Director / Producer / Screenwriter / Co-producer / Second Unit Director Of Photography John Eskow - Screenwriter Steven Pressfield - Screenwriter Ronald Shusett - Screenwriter Robert Steadman - Cinematographer David Michael Frank - Composer (Music Score) Michael Brown - Editor Maher Ahmad - Production Designer Ned Parsons - Art Director John G.

A dzungelben tlt szrnysgeket tizent v utn sem homlyostotta el a jtkony feleds, s az emlkek jult ervel trnek fel, amikor olyan robbanszerre bukkan, amilyet annak idejn maga is hasznlt.

Hamarosan kiderl, Nico nem csak az emlkeibl nem tudja kitrlni a mltat, hanem az ott kisrt a mban is: akik egykoron Vietnmban garzdlkodtak, azok most is ott munklkodnak a CIA-ban, s a mdszerek sem sokat vltoztak.

Seagal is Nico Toscani, an Italian immigrant, American patriot, ex-CIA agent, aikido specialist, and unorthodox Chicago policeman.

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