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The FCC rules barred broadband providers from blocking or slowing web traffic, or offering quicker passage in return for payment.

Under the FCC measure passed last week, which has yet to take effect, the Federal Trade Commission would assume enforcement responsibilities that the FCC is abandoning.

In a phone interview, Blackburn said her legislation didn’t tackle fast lanes because “that is an issue where there is not agreement.” She said “innovators” in autonomous vehicles, health care, and other sectors might want to be able to pay for their data to get priority, which the FCC has also argued.

She also warned against the Democrats making net neutrality a campaign issue.

It doesn’t address so-called “fast lanes” that the earlier FCC rules had prohibited.

The bill would prohibit states and the FCC from carving out any further authority over net neutrality in the future.

Americans “don’t want something to be held over as a campaign issue when there is a solution,” she said.

Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, who joined his agency’s 3-2 vote to kill Obama-era rules, said in an emailed statement that the bill “offers a realistic opportunity for compromise and finality on this much-debated issue.” Internet companies objected.

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